• Plumbing

    Genova Products, has been a leader in the do-it-yourself plumbing industry since 1962. We are the worlds largest manufacturer of do it yourself plumbing, and the only company to make whole-house plumbing pipe and fittings -- from the well or water line to the sewer or septic system. Our plumbing is not only easy to install, but materials used in Genova products lasts longer and works better than other plumbing systems.

  • Decking & Railing

    Distinctly different Deck flooring is one of our well-established innovations. Competing decking technology brings you moldy composites, cracked vinyl, saggy boards, and heavy, water-logged capped composites.

    100% PVC Deck Flooring

    In a class by itself, Not composite, Not cellular PVC . . .100% PVC DECK FLOORING This ultra low maintenance alternative to wood and other engineered decking products does not have any foam or wood fillers, making it the ULTIMATE DECK FLOORING material. It will not absorb moisture, enabling the product to stay as strong and durable as the day it was built. The comfortable, slip resistant surface has no exposed fasteners providing a safe, barefoot-friendly surface. Genovations® Deck Flooring requires no free airflow clearance, so it can be placed directly over surfaces, such as concrete without the need for additional framing.

    Why Choose Genovations ?

    Genova is so confident that our line of engineered deck flooring and railing products lead the industry in durability that we continue to test competitors’ products to prove our case. 

    Fast & Frustration-Free

    Uniquely engineered boards allow installation on 16” centers. The tongue and groove design allows for automatic spacing and board alignment, simplifying the installation and reducing labor costs significantly. No expensive fasteners or tedious spacers!

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  • Boji Filters

    The Boji Marine / RV Filter / Softener is constructed of the finest thermoplastic materials and should provide a lifetime of trouble free use. There are no moving parts to wear out and the softener is resistant to all corrosive environments encountered in boating. The unit is designed to soften your dockside water supply, providing you with generous amounts of soft water for drinking, bathing and washing your boat.

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How to Build a Deck


While most people hire a contractor to build their deck, questions about the construction process can arise during the design, deck planning or installation process. Here, decking professionals explain the major elements of the deck as well as some of the extra amenities you may want to consider.



Can you imagine a well-organized home without a beautiful wooden deck? Neither do we! Build that beautiful wooden deck in perfect harmony with the design of the house and also must be adaptable for any season.

Small Space Ideas For Balconies, Terraces and Decks


An outdoor space, even a small one, can be a lifesaver when the weather warms up. A shallow balcony can be a welcome respite or a way to take in a summer breeze.

Application examples